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Minibus Hire Ayr

Have you been looking for a travel agency that is dedicated to ensure that you get value for your money?  Well, you don’t have to search anymore! Our mission is to ensure that all our clients get smooth and flawless rides. Our clean and modern minibuses with driver are designed to impress every onlooker in Dalrymple and Troon. The luxurious seats and properly conditioned vehicles will allow you to relax while on a sight-seeing mission, or after a long travel overseas. We go that extra mile to select the kind of rides that suits an occasion because we are concerned about your travel experience. Choosing minibus hire Ayr is choosing freedom and happiness.

We Are Different From Others

Why go for other travel services in Coylton or Patna when you can just get an incredible experience from minibus hire Ayr. We are different because:

Our Booking Is Fast and Easy

You do not have to wait for ages to get a confirmation that your 14 seat or 12 seater minibus is ready. We have invested in the best information systems and as such, all activities are automated. Our team is also well organized to avoid delays in service delivery.

We Only Provide You with New Models of Minibuses

We are the only travel service providers in Tarbolton and Irvine that replaces its minibuses after every three years. Our clients are important to us and, therefore, we are ready to anything to please them.

Our Rates Are Extremely Reasonable

Group travel can be costly if you do not find the right service provider in Androssan. It is for this reason that you need to choose our company. We have lowered the price significantly so that clients from all walks of life can be served. Our rates are fixed and unlike other agencies, we do not have any hidden charges. In fact, we offer some services such as inquiries, booking arrangements, and consultation freely. This echoes that we are here to serve rather than make profit at the expense of our clients

We Communicate Effectively

Our customer care team is trained to answer all questions promptly. We also have systems in place to ensure that you are not limited when looking for any assistance. Our drivers will tell you when delays are bound to happen, just to keep you at ease. We communicate well with other companies offering complementary services in Maybole and Catrine.

We Keep Your Personal Information Private and Confidential

In a time when the rates of crime are increasing, travel agencies in Springside or even Kilwinning cannot afford to be careless. They should do whatever it takes to protect clients’ personal details. We have heeded to this call by ensuring that all our systems are safe and secure. Third parties will never see your debit or credit card information, your name, area of residence among other sensitive details. With Minibus Hire Ayr, you are assured of safety in travel. 

We Are Big On Building and Keeping Long-Term Relationships

Hit and run is one of the many travel agencies aim in Cumnock. It means that they will offer you service, make money out of it, and run. We take the exact opposite direction! We want to build a business relationship with you, so that you will never have to search for services anywhere else in Auchinleck and Kilmaurs. Once you engage us the first time, we become partners for life.

All in all, we are the best suited to handle your 16 seater and other minibus hire services. Whether you are in Crosshouse, Galston or any other pace in the United Kingdom, we will always reach to you and offer world class experience. Call us today and get amazing deals!

Areas Covered


There are so many things that make Ayr a town that you should visit once or twice in your lifetime. There's its charm and coastal town appeal that you wouldn't find anywhere if you are living in the city. There are the warm and friendly people who welcome visitors with open arms. Of course, there are the various events and attractions that successfully draw the crowds from near and far. It is such a progressive town that you wouldn't lack for anything. Whatever you are looking for, you are bound to find it here. So if you are in need of a transport hire service provider and you fancy being driven around town by an Ayr minibus, you wouldn't find it hard to choose a firm to trust. In this case, naturally you would go for the best, and that is none other than Minibus Hire Ayr.

First, let us take a look at the services offered by our company. The most popular ones include the minibus hire with driver, the self drive minibus hire, the airport minibus hire, and even coach hire. There is nothing more relaxing that sitting back and enjoying the sights and sounds of Ayr from the comfort of a luxurious and comfortable minibus driven by a highly capable driver from our firm. Of course, you might prefer to do the driving yourself, in which case we will offer you the self drive minibus option. Perhaps you are in Ayr on business and you want to discuss matters of a delicate nature and you couldn't afford to compromise their confidentiality. A self-drive minibus would be perfect for exactly that purpose. We are not strict with the requirements. You only have to prove to us that you can handle our minibus with care, and we are a go.

The airport minibus hire, as the name implies, refers to our service that picks passengers up from the airport upon their arrival and then drops them back off when they have to catch their flight to leave Ayr for home. If the travelling party is exceptionally large that no single minibus could hold everyone, our coach hire is available. This is perfect for those who are not keen on having their travelling party being split up simply to make sure everyone is seated comfortably.

Now let us take a look at the people that make up Minibus Hire Ayr. The frontline services are manned by personnel who are approachable, friendly and ready to cater to your every need. If you have any inquiries prior to availing of our services, we will answer all your questions. If you need help planning your trip and you need suggestions about places to go, events to attend, facilities to try out, etc., then we are ready to help out, too. Just say the word, and we'll be glad to be of service.

It is time to focus our attention on the minibuses of Minibus Hire Ayr. There are a lot of companies that offer cheap minibus hire in Ayr, but none of them could even come close to the quality of the vehicles in our fleet. The vehicles, which are of the latest models and purchased from the most reliable car makers, are well-maintained and kept in spotless condition. You wouldn't hear anything about a minibus of ours suffering a mechanical failure in the middle of a trip. Breakdowns and other problems are effectively kept at bay, thanks to the brilliant men and women in our maintenance workshop who regularly inspect our vehicles before they are released for their next trip.

We have mentioned comfort a couple of times earlier in association with our minibuses. To ensure that you get the maximum comfort possible during your ride, we have installed various modifications in our minibuses. Now you can enjoy your ride even more with the built-in entertainment system and the sliding roof feature. A drink cooler will also be at your disposal should you need some refreshments during your trip. We are very particular that our passengers never feel they are trapped in a cramped space, so we make sure we have minibuses with various seating capacities and coaches for larger groups always available and ready to be mobilized when you need it.

Believe us when we say that your whole Ayr experience will not be complete without the assistance of Minibus Hire Ayr. So do not waste your time dilly-dallying; just ring us up, tell us exactly what you need, and we will work something out. Customers always come first with Minibus Hire Ayr so you can rest assured that you will always be given top priority.

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